How To Choose A Builder For Your Home Extension

Regardless of if you need more space to accommodate a growing family, or want more room for every day living, entertaining or working from home – a home extension project should improve your overall quality of life.

An extension on your house is a large scale investment requiring an experienced and qualified team to complete the build. This highlights the importance of choosing a suitable builder for your project as it could be the difference between your dream home and a costly nightmare.

We’re going to explore some recommendations and give some advice on how to choose a builder for your home extension, in the hope your project runs as smoothly as possible!

Compare Quotes

The first step in your home extension process should be to acquire quotes from a range of builders in your area. You will naturally be enticed by the cheapest quote when comparing prospective builders, however it’s important to consider the reasoning why the cheapest builder has set their price at that point. Do they need the work? Do they have a poor reputation? Do they utilise cheap materials?

Choosing an inexperienced or ‘cheap’ builder may end up costing you more long term, particularly if the job is not completed or is completed to a poor standard. When comparing quotes ensure you check each builder’s specialties, experience, reviews and finished projects.

Ask Lots of Questions

If this is your first time conducting an extension or renovation project on your home, you will have a range of questions, both about the build process and choosing a builder to deliver an exceptional result. It is recommended you approach prospective builders to pick their brains about their individual processes and how they envision your project unfolding. Each situation is different so you may need to talk to a range of businesses, or you might find a reliable company straight away.

Here are a range of questions you could ask your prospective builders:

  • When will we know final costs?
  • Do I need to organise insurance?
  • Are you fully insured and licensed?
  • How much of a deposit is required?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • When will the project commence / finish?
  • Do you use contractors? If so, who are they?
  • Do we need to find alternative accommodation?
  • Do you offer any warranties for completed work?
  • Do you have any examples of previous work you’ve completed?
  • Are there any limitations between our design and the actual work?

Look At Previous Work

Before you commit to signing any contracts with a particular builder, you should check out their portfolio of completed and in progress projects. This is a great opportunity to ensure their style of building and renovation matches your design aspiration for your home.

Generally speaking, home building and renovation specialist companies will have photos of their work published across their digital platforms. It is recommended you take a look through their website and social media profiles to gain an understanding of their style and determine if they will be a good match to deliver your project.

Check Out Online Reviews

Online reviews can reveal a great deal about prospective builders you may have shortlisted. They are first hand accounts of experiences with the builder from previous clients, often giving you valuable insights into the skill and professionalism of the builder.

There are a range of platforms you can utilise to check out client reviews including Facebook, Google My Business, Houzz and Product Review, among others. These reviews are genuine and unfiltered, giving you an understanding of real people’s past experiences with the company.

Read Through The Contract & Clear Up Grey Areas

Once you have a good understanding of the builder you’re going to choose, it is time to draw up a contract. It is recommended that you ask to see a copy of the contract before you sign it – this way you can examine it and ask questions to clear up any grey areas. You might find the contract has lots of industry terminology, and the difference between some of the phrasing can have a substantial impact on the final cost of your extension.

Careful consideration should be given to the contents of the contract and whether it covers the entirety of your design plans. You don’t want to end up in a situation where the final result of your extension is not what you wanted. If something is missing from the contract, talk to your builder and ask them to amend the contract to make provisions for what was missed.

Yarrington’s Home Extension Services

With over 20 years’ experience in the construction industry, Yarrington Construction is highly qualified and equipped with the expertise to turn your dream home into a reality. Through beautiful design and quality workmanship, the team at Yarrington will work to deliver an outstanding result for your project. We believe in a high level of customer satisfaction and we’ll work with you to customise a design to fit your family to perfection, while staying on budget.

We are vastly experienced in all kinds of extension projects, providing these services to the greater Bendigo area. Whether you’re envisioning a ground floor, second storey or outdoor extension – our specialist service team have the competence to assist you regardless of your extension plans.

To discuss your home extension ideas, get in touch with our experts today!

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