The Yarrington Building Process

Quality from conception to completion.

Yarrington building plans
At Yarrington, we treat every construction job as if it were our own.
We have a passion for fine architecture and thrive on transforming beautiful designs into stunning creations.

We use a proven project management and construction process developed over 20+ years in the construction industry. We ensure quality assurance and communication with our clients throughout each stage of a project.

Our 6-step building design and construction process aims to ensure minimal impact on our clients – we want you to focus on your design choices for your dream home. These decisions are tough enough without having to worry about the construction. Leave the headaches to us.

The process:

1. Development of initial scope

Preliminary discussion

During the first stage, your initial discussions with our team explore your new home construction project and what you aim to achieve. Bring along your plans and we can quote right off your design. Alternatively, we can point you toward one of our tried and tested local draftsmen right here in Bendigo.

2. Finalisation of scope

Design is further developed and budgeted

An in-depth assessment by our expert team further explores the build. This includes researching any required building permit and council approvals. We also discuss your home design and finishing choices, from colours to fixtures and everything between.

3. Review, approval & contract signing

Final changes are made to the design

The scope is reviewed at this stage and you have the opportunity to make any final design changes. Your approval of the final scope and building contract enables us to go to the next stage – Construction.

4. Construction

The build commences

Construction commences. Our team maintains contact with you throughout the build to ensure construction meets your specifications and that you are satisfied with our progress.

5. Construction complete

Final build inspection

At the completion of construction, we assess the finished job to ensure everything meets our high standards. A final inspection is undertaken with you before handover.

6. Project completion

Sign-off and handover

In the final stage, once the final inspection is complete and you are happy with the final product (and we know you will be), the project is completed and signed-off. We hand you the keys and you can enjoy your new home build.


Yarrington Construction holds a current Victorian Building License from the Victorian Building Authority (VBA), along with all relevant insurances. All our tradesmen are licensed and qualified to complete your projects to a high standard.

At Yarrington, we always strive to provide you with the best finish possible. We appreciate you trusting us to complete your project, which is why we go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.

After an initial meeting with your builder, your intuition should tell you if they are genuine or not. Checking online reviews, talking to existing clients or viewing completed projects will give you an idea of how they handle business. At Yarrington, we pride ourselves on being a trustworthy builder that you can rely on, time and time again.

All homes built by Yarrington Construction are compliant with the National Construction Code’s 7 Star energy efficiency requirements in Victoria. Anything above this rating may incur a higher financial cost.

The expert craftsmanship applied to the wall wrap, openings and the attention to detail regarding insulation are free and make a considerable difference to reduce the amount of leaky air entering your house.

No! Yarrington Construction does all types of construction, depending on what you require. From heritage renovations, counter-levered steel structures and commercial builds to custom pools and house extensions – our expert team is well equipped to assist you in completing your project.

We charge for quotes to ensure we can provide detailed and personalised building proposals tailored specifically to your project. This fee covers the time, effort, and expertise required to thoroughly understand your needs, outline the scope of work, and address any questions or concerns you may have during the consultation process. Importantly, this fee is an investment in the quality and accuracy of our service, demonstrating our commitment to delivering projects of the highest standards. Additionally, it is deducted from the final construction contract price if you choose to proceed with Yarrington Construction, making it a valuable part of our transparent and customer-focused approach.

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