The Best Custom Home Trends for Building Your Dream Home

Why Build a Custom Home?

There are some incredible benefits to building a custom home, particularly if you have a specific living style in mind. When building your own modern home, you will have greater control over the choices being made. Plus, you will get more room for creative freedom to construct your own ideas and choose exactly what you want in your new house.

If you do choose to build your own home, you will want to be looking at the latest developments in custom home design. From the ‘must have’ features to the newest architectural styles, you should stay up to date with trends in custom homes because they might just end up as a key feature in your dream home!

Your Guide To Custom Home Design Trends

Are you in the process of building your own home and not sure what to include in your custom home build?

We have the perfect guide for you!

This article will explore the benefits of some of the most popular design trends and features that are trending in recent years to keep you full of great ideas.

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Two-Story Living Room

Add elegance and create a spacious impression to your dream home with a two-story living room, a popular design trend over the past couple of years. Choosing a two-story living room will allow plenty of light to enter the area because of the number of windows you can add to the design.

For example, you could either install large windows on the first and second floor of your living room or use huge picture windows that measure from floor to ceiling. This can brighten up your living space so that on sunny days you won’t even need to turn a light on, increasing the energy efficiency of your new custom home in the long run!

Bold Accent Walls

Many homeowners today are electing to have bold wall accents in particular rooms to highlight certain areas, helping in creating spaces with more personalisation and character.

For example, you could incorporate brick wall features, quirky wallpaper, and bold colour choices to transform the overall look of the rooms in your home from mundane to exciting and modern.

Accent walls and feature walls let you test colours without overpowering the look and feel of the room. Additionally, they give spaces a focal point by creating more visual interest in a room.

Ceiling Highlights

A great way to add more personality to your new home is by adding a statement ceiling. A popular way to do this is by installing wooden beams on the roof of your living room. This draws attention to the beams and highlights the ceiling in an otherwise ordinary living area. If you are after a contemporary appearance, you could use standard wooden beams but if you want to create a rustic feel, go for salvaged timber.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a popular choice if you have a family or just want flooring that will last. Vinyl floorboards are much more durable than wooden floorboards, so if you are living with family members or pets, it’s a good option to consider.

Plus, vinyl floors are also a lot easier to clean, more waterproof, and better for your budget than hardwood flooring. The great thing about vinyl floorboards is they come in a range of colours and because of the realistic texture of the finish, can look like actual hardwood flooring.  

Creating Functional Spaces

Many homeowners desire to continue to work from home so having the right spaces for living and working is more important than ever. Homebuilders are following this custom home trend of creating functional spaces that serve the purpose of work and lifestyle separately, by eliminating multiple-use spaces.

This might mean instead of having a single space built for study, leisure, and working from home, you would instead build dedicated rooms for each of these activities. Constructing a functional floor plan that is designed around your daily schedule and lifestyle is becoming necessary to a home’s overall design.

Dedicated Home Workspace

Dedicated home offices are a good example of the change in priorities for homebuilders, having shifted from a “nice to have” to a “must have” feature. As more homeowners make working from home a part of their routine, developing a home office space is crucial.

A small study corner in the living room might not be suitable anymore for your tastes or your needs. Home office and workspaces are becoming flashier with custom lighting, grander furniture, and luxurious materials. Additionally, the fact that it can be closed off from the rest of the house to provide privacy and concentration is more than ideal.

Rediscovering Curved Features

Homebuilders are dropping modern designs which tend to include lines and rigid edges to incorporate softer features. For example, curved furniture and bent structures are becoming a big focus in many new, modern homes. Curves are being used in several ways from rounded surfaces to arched doorways and aid in transforming the look and feel of your home.

Embracing the Beauty of Home Structure

Showcasing your home’s structural elements such as the support beams in your roof is growing in popularity. What’s interesting is that exposed beams are not uncommon in homes, although they would traditionally be covered up. But now, leaving beams uncovered is becoming a deliberate choice to showcase the architectural beauty in a home.

If you wanted to incorporate this feature into your dream home, you would use plaster and lining boards sparingly to create a look that feels both raw and robust. Alternatively, you could integrate a brickwork wall left unpainted as a feature wall to highlight your home’s internal foundations.

Bringing the Outdoors Inside

The fact that some of us must spend more time indoors has left us yearning for a connection with nature and a desire to bring the outside world inside. Trending custom home designs involve replicating aspects of outdoor spaces inside to create a comfortable living environment. Ambiance is everything and can subtly change your mood and so much more!

Natural elements like native plants and vibrant flowers can go a long way toward improving your mood if you’re stuck inside. Think about installing large windows to get plenty of fresh air and natural light into your home.

Embrace natural materials into your dream home like stone benchtops and timber flooring. Any textures involving nature, and earth-like materials such as wood and clay can make your home refreshing and inviting for you and others.

Ideas Are Great, but a Plan Is Better

Do you have some ideas you want to explore for your custom home?

Or maybe you need help incorporating some of the current trends into your new home design.

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