Which to Choose a Veranda or a Pergola

Veranda Vs. Pergolas

Designing outdoor living spaces needs a lot of creativity. A Bendigo builder loves taking that challenge. It’s not difficult to find them in the neighbourhood. Many homeowners hire them for building their outdoor living spaces.

What do outdoor living spaces are popularly featured in Australian homes?

Look around an Aussie community and you will see two outstanding edifices rising in their backyard. Homes with limited outdoor spaces have verandas while others have pergolas.

It’s confusing to tell a veranda from a pergola and you may not have room for both. Let this pergola and verandah builder, Yarrington Construction explain the difference.

What is a Pergola?

This architectural masterpiece usually stands freely in the backyard. Designers consider it the most flexible outdoor formation. It comes in various sizes and shapes. Architects can use all kinds of material to suit the style of every home.

Traditionally, designers decorate pergolas with climbing plants. They let vines grow on the columns. The foliage provides natural shade to the design area and space. Today, however, modern pergolas have permanent roofs. It gives lasting protection from the sun’s rays throughout the year.

Pergolas make great outdoor sitting areas. Placing it at some distance from the house, homeowners can enjoy intimate conversations with friends and loved ones. Putting it in the middle of a garden, the pergola can give them a good place to enjoy fresh, relaxing breeze. It brings them closer to nature.

What is a Veranda?

Australian homes have featured verandas since the Europeans have migrated to the country. Verandas began existing in the middle of the nineteenth century. They make out a true Australian home.

While pergolas stood separately from the house, verandas attached themselves to it. They were initially designed as home extensions. British colonial traditions in India inspired the building of these verandas. They gave an extra space for doing various household activities to the homes in Queensland.

Both pergolas and verandas make great outdoor living spaces. A homeowner can have both structures in a yard if space allows. However, Pergolas need a much bigger space than verandas. So you may only have room for one.

Choosing between the two Structures

How to choose between a pergola and veranda? Practicality is the key. If the space big is enough, then a pergola makes a great outdoor living space. But if the yard is too small, then a veranda makes more sense.

However, some builders are so gifted. They can make a pergola fit into a tiny backyard. With this opportunity, homeowners often get torn between the two beautiful art pieces. How can they decide? It’s a matter of personal taste but here are a few tips.

Purpose – What is the space made for? Homeowners should ask themselves that question. It narrows down their options. Spacious pergolas are good for dining and entertaining guest. Verandas are long and narrow. They are good for sitting side-by-side.

Available Space – How big is the yard? All pergolas need a significant amount of space. It’s difficult to build a fully functional pergola in a midget garden. Even though a professional pergola and verandah builder promises to pull it off, nevertheless, it still helps to stay practical. It all boils down to that. Don’t force something if it is truly impossible.

Safety – Do you like the sun? Although it’s good to go sunbathing once in a while, too much UV rays touching the skin is not healthy. Both shelters offer enough shade. And in an environment like Bendigo, there is no need to worry about those humid days. But verandas can help cool your house without using electricity.

Budget – How much are you willing to spend? It’s the crucial question landscape architects will always ask their clients. The success of a construction project greatly depends on this. A veranda that wraps around the house calls for a high investment. But it also raises the property’s value to a significant amount. Pergolas depend on the size, style and materials used. Consult an expert from Yarrington Construction for the possible value pergolas bring to your home.


Have you decided what to build in your own backyard? Don’t worry. You can always get an expert to help you. Just remember everything that you have learned here.

To recall, never forget that space matters when building an outdoor living area. Always consider the size of your backyard and be practical. Don’t be too ambitious. It can cause you a lot of trouble. The principle of art still applies to this project. Keep it simple.

Next, always have a plan. It helps you meet your goals. It is like a map for your journey. You can easily reach your destination with a map in hand. If things get worse, call an expert for help. That will make life easier.