Top 5 Most Rewarding Renovation Projects

Looking to Renovate?

There’s no doubt that renovations in Bendigo are more popular than ever. It’s evident in the number of home remodeling shows in the country alone. It also helps that lenders approve more loans for these home projects. Most importantly, many Australians are opting to renovate instead of moving due to the increasing housing prices in recent years.

But before you renovate, you should consider your home’s current resale value and the ceiling price of homes in the city. Even if you have the money or the guts to get loans for a grand home makeover, you will not get the best return on investment. Aside from determining the budget limit, you should also consider the following renovation projects that are known to be more rewarding than others. You may not have plans of reselling for now, but you want to make the most out of your hard-earned money. One way of doing so is ensuring a renovation project with a high ROI such as:

New Bedroom

More bedrooms make your home more attractive to homebuyers; thus, it causes the resale value to rise. Here in Bendigo, a new bedroom doesn’t have to mean building an extension. Attic and basement conversions are two ways of getting this extra living space at a much less expensive price. Conversions are usually cheaper because you don’t have to pay for new walls. Additionally, they help you save space in your yards in case you opt for an extension instead.

What’s better for attic and basement conversions is dependent on several factors, though. For example, a new bedroom with its own bathroom is ideal when it’s in the attic. Bathroom in a basement is quite complex to set up because the sewer lines are usually above the basement. Nevertheless, the basement is way sturdier, cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Kitchen Makeover

Kitchens are no longer just a place where food preparation is done. Today, many homebuyers consider it as the main highlight of a house. Some modern-day kitchens even serve as another place to entertain guests.

DIY kitchen renovations Bendigo are a risky move considering that there are plumbing and wiring works involved. The good news is that there are inexpensive but still rewarding kitchen upgrades you can try. Shifting to a modular kitchen, provided that it was done with the help of pros, is cheaper than have everything customised. If the old cabinets remain functional, replacing the doors can already lift your kitchen’s looks. A kitchen island is another reasonably priced feature that is also a hit among homebuyers.

You may consider upgrading your splashback as well. If you want to do this, go for the slightly more expensive paintable tiles. With a paintable splashback, you just have to recoat it in few years’ time to make it look brand new.

Bathroom Upgrade

A bathroom is now deemed as a haven for relaxation in a home. Improvements done herein are likely to positively affect your home’s resale value as long as these projects don’t make your home more expensive than the current ceiling price. You don’t have to get the most advanced shower equipment for a rewarding bathroom upgrade. If your shower equipment is still relatively new, you can leave it as it is and alter the wall design and furniture instead.

Does your bathroom feel too cramped? Consider a customised sink on top of a skinny floor cabinet. A rounded mirror is also helpful in this purpose. Walls featuring a monochromatic colour scheme will make the room feel more spacious as well.

Deck Addition

As if new bedroom isn’t enough, several homebuyers also weigh on the presence of decks in their preferred homes. Homebuyers will think about the lifestyle they can have in the said outdoor living space. They can bask and dine therein. They can bond with their families and host small parties as well.

Building a deck is relatively cheap. To ensure that your deck indeed improves your home’s resale value, hire an experienced builder instead of doing a simple deck on your own.


Out of all the options herein, recoating is the cheapest renovation projects you can do. You can do the job on your own, but if you want to feature better colour palette and wall design, you may want to get a professional instead. In addition to your home’s interior walls, you should also repaint the exterior walls. After all, prospective buyers see the latter first.

As you plan home renovations Bendigo involving your home’s interiors, don’t neglect the outdoor appearance of your home. Doing so will make your projects fruitless as poorly maintained front yard and home exterior will turn off most buyers. With the help of a landscaping expert, improving the front view of your home can go hassle-free. Professional landscaping services ensure that your home looks inviting to buyers and friends alike.