Lake Neanger BBQ Shelter

Custom Build & Design Bendigo This build is one of a kind, completely custom made for this area.  The structure is supposed to represent an eagle and/or hawk from an aerial view with the beak being created from the lakes pointed edge.  Looking at the plans for the first time I had no idea even […]

Quarry Hill Primary School Extension

Yarrington Constructions played a vital role in the Quarry Hill Primary School Extension project. This building extension was both challenging and exciting to work on. It’s always nice being a part of School projects knowing that the kids are going to benefit greatly from what we are building here. A new library and much-needed admin […]

Suspsneded Sawtooth Ceiling

The Bendigo Library required Custom Renovation. Bendigo Library re-development – When I saw the plans as the foreman explained to me what they wanted to create I was very curious and excited to get this one underway. Being completely suspended with a 100mm shadow gap made this a tricky illusion to pull off but I […]

Modern Industrial Bathroom Renovation

This was a Bathroom Renovation project in Bendigo. If you have any questions regarding a Bathroom Renovation at your place, get in touch. When I think back to what the old bathroom was like, the small dark room, the old shower/bath combo and the outdated checkered vinyl flooring. I can’t help but think what a […]