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November 27, 2018

Lake Neanger BBQ Shelter

Custom Build & Design Bendigo This build is one of a kind, completely custom made for this area.  The structure is supposed to represent an eagle and/or hawk from an aerial view with the beak being created from the lakes pointed edge.  Looking at the plans for the first time I had no idea even where to start, but I knew I loved a custom designed challenge and took it on.  Lake Neanger in Eaglehawk, what a great space for…
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Builder Bendigo
August 29, 2018

Extension re-visited. 10 years later.

Have you ever walked into a house your looking at buying a said to yourself... "This house would be perfect BUT..." Well an extension & renovation could be the right move for you. The owners of this property wanted a spacious master bedroom, ensuite and a huge walk in robe.  That's what they got and more!  The Property was completely transformed and the flow from the front door to the lounge room worked beautifully. This job I completed 10 years…
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Builder BendigoCommercialCustomExtensionsNew
March 16, 2018

Quarry Hill Primary School Extension

Yarrington Constructions played a vital role in the Quarry Hill Primary School Extension project. This building extension was both challenging and exciting to work on. It's always nice being a part of School projects knowing that the kids are going to benefit greatly from what we are building here.  A new library and much-needed admin building.  The design will inspire the kids to really think outside the box, as the shape of this building is unlike anything I've ever seen.  The…
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Yarrington Construction Custom Build Project
Builder BendigoCommercialCustomRenovation
June 8, 2017

Suspended Sawtooth Ceiling

The Bendigo Library required Custom Renovation. Bendigo Library re-development - When I saw the plans as the forman explained to me what they wanted to create I was very curious and excited to get this one underway.  Being completely suspended with a 100mm shadow gap made this a tricky illusion to pull off but I think it came together beautifully.
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Builder BendigoKitchenRenovationResidential
June 7, 2017

Kitchen renovation – Cararra Marble

Without looking at the before photos its hard to imagine how dark and small this area felt. By taking out a wall separating the kitchen to the dinning, we were able to create space. With the kitchen window facing the south, shaded side, white colours and adequate lighting had to be chosen to brighten up this dark room along with a remarkable Cararra marble laminate to top it off, and wow what an amazing space this has become.  
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Yarrington Construction Custom Build Project
BathroomBuilder BendigoCustomRenovationResidential
May 8, 2017

Modern Industrial Bathroom Renovation

This was a Bathroom Renovation project in Bendigo. If you have any questions regarding a Bathroom Renovation at your place, get in touch. When I think back to what the old bathroom was like, the small dark room, the old shower/bath combo and the outdated checkered vinyl flooring. I can't help but think what a massive improvement we made here. We started by stripping everything including the wall ling, removing a dividing wall to increase the room size by 100%…
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