Benefits of Home Extensions Over Moving Home

Looking to Move why not Renovate?

No matter how big a house is at first, it will feel smaller in time. This is because people have growing needs. Maybe it is because of having kids or you’re starting a home-based business. Sometimes, the current living space simply doesn’t meet your current and growing needs. The answer to this is to move to a bigger house or better yet, looking at a home extension.

Home extensions may not sound appealing because of the money and time that they will require. Still, it is worth looking at and maybe more feasible than going through selling your existing and finding a new home in Bendigo to accommodate all your needs. Which will be as equally difficult. Know which is better by checking the 7 benefits of home extensions below:

Avoid Mortgage Fees

Buying a new home will mean another mortgage. Not to mention all the charges such as solicitor fees, agency fees, and solicitors’ fees.

No Need to Pack and Unpack

When moving to a new home, all the current belongings need to be packed. Furniture has to be loaded and unloaded. Not to mention the risk of them getting damaged because of the whole moving process. Instead of going through packing and unpacking, home extensions sound better. There is no need to put everything in boxes.

A Bigger House means Bigger Value

Doing home extension means that the living space will be bigger. This will increase the value of the house. Houses with more living space are valued at a higher price. In the event that the house has to be sold in the future, there is guaranteed earnings.

No Adjustments Needed

Moving to a new home means moving to a new neighbourhood. A lot of adjustment will be done by every member of the household. If there are kids, there is a chance that they will have to transfer schools too. A different commute and routine will apply as well. Not to mention the new neighbours that will live around the new house. Living in a house for a long time has its perks and it is something that has to be considered before moving.

Flexibility in Extending

Buying a new and bigger home may mean bigger space. However, there is a chance that not all the things needed will be available. With the current housing market, getting a larger living space may mean less. Less lot area for gardening or parking. If a home extension is done, there will be the freedom to personalize the design of the house. There is a guarantee that all needs will be met.

Save Time and Money

Home extensions may seem costly at first. But, looking at the bigger picture, it is less time consuming and cost-efficient. This is because there will be no need to sell the current property in order to get a new one. No need to get agents to sell the house and look for buyers. There will also be no need to search for a new home. Looking for a new house may sound easy, but it doesn’t as there will always be needs that have to be met.

Less involvement in the Unstable Housing Market

Having to move houses means that there is a need to sell the current property. There will also be a need to get a new property and that is just a lot to take in. The housing market is volatile. It can change anytime and peoples’ demand changes as well. There will be a huge chance that the current property will not sell well in the current market. Or the new property purchased will not sell well in the future. If the goal is to stay in the current house for a long time, the extension is the answer. There is no need to worry about going in the unstable housing market. Fewer risks to take and fewer worries.

Home extensions can be achieved with the help of the right people and organisation. Finding the right architect and builders to make the work easier is the key.

Consult reputable builders like Yarrington Construction that offers assistance from custom designed specialists. They specialize in construction and carpentry works. May it be for residential and commercial projects. They can help by recommending materials for home extension execution.

Moving is not at all bad as well as the idea of a fresh new start is always welcoming. However, there is nothing that compares to the comfort of staying in a home. It is best to be in a neighbourhood that is familiar which can be called home.