All About House Extensions

Important things to know about House Extensions

Families, partners, or individuals will come across a common dilemma at one point in their lives—lack of living and working space. Doing house extensions is a good way to solve this problem. This is without going through the hassle of looking for a bigger house or packing things to move out. It is a very effective solution if there will be additional occupants in the house. Or even if additional space is simply needed.

There will be things that have to be done in order to complete a house extension in Bendigo and minimize the chances of problems occurring. Listed below are the steps that need to be done:

Estimate Cost and Identify Source of Funding

In any project or improvements that will be done to a house, funding is important. In order to know where to get the money, try to get an estimate of how much will the construction and building cost. This will include buying materials, contacting architects, and getting a trusted builder. Getting an idea of how much money is needed will help in identifying where to get the funding from.

Find Out Zone of the Property

You can check which overlays and planning zone will apply on your property. You can get a link to a free planning property report through Community Compass. This is an online mapping service that is available on the home page of the City website.

Check Bushfire Management Overlay

Visit the Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning website. Know if the Bushfire Management Overlay affects your property and what will be the restrictions. It is better to know how this will affect the house extension.

Know if Planning Permits Are Needed

Know property overlays and zones. This will help in identifying if house extensions would require a planning permit. A planning permit may be required if there will be native vegetation that needs to be removed. It may also be needed if the extension is in a heritage overlay area. Another is if the construction will be in a bushfire management area. Prepare a full and current copy of the land title as this is needed in applying for permits.

Contact a Builder

Find a trusted builder like Yarrington Construction. They have a custom designed specialist. They also specialize in construction and carpentry works. They can work for both residential and commercial projects. A reliable builder can provide recommendations and detailed quotations. Learn about how a builder works. Research by visiting websites or getting feedback from previous clients.

Choose an Engineer, Architect or a Designer

Try to find an experienced architect or designer to help in doing the house renovation. Get someone with an experience that fits the needs of the construction. Consider getting an architect or an engineer registered belonging to a trusted institution. This will ensure that the project will be done professionally. Fewer things to worry about.

Follow Building Regulations

Once the construction has begun, make sure that all the regulations are followed. Better to avoid penalties or trouble. Building regulations are imposed to ensure that the construction is safe. Fire safety, drainage, sewage, and insulation should be properly done.

Identify Living Arrangements

House extensions will take time. There will be noise and disturbances during this time. It is important to consider moving out during construction. Especially if there are children in the house. It is advisable to rent rooms if it is really necessary. Going on vacations during this time is not recommended. It is important that there is someone to supervise the on-going construction in the house.

Prior to doing house extensions, make sure that all aspects are checked. This includes how the extension will affect or limit space for parking. Check the condition of the soil, and will there be any risks involved. Being prepared is always better than encountering a lot of trouble. This is not only during construction but even after the work is done.

Doing house extensions may really require money, time, and a lot of work. However, this is a good investment as bigger living space means higher home value. The money allotted for projects like this is definitely less than buying a new home. This also avoids the need to build a new life somewhere else. It is comforting to be in a familiar neighbourhood. Make sure to know all the requirements. Get trusted builders, architects, landscapers, and designers.