9 Deck Styling and Building Ideas to Consider

Looking to Build a Deck?

Bask, entertain guests, and bond with your family are just three of the things you can do in your deck. With the help of a reputable deck builder in Bendigo, you can have your dream deck that is totally safe, comfortable and attractive. But what does your dream deck looks like? Below are some styling ideas to consider before your contractor starts building.

Place multi-functional furniture.

Multi-functional furniture is an excellent addition to a small deck. You may go for either premade or custom-made one. The former is usually cheaper and more practical because you may transfer them in other parts of your home. On the other hand, customised furniture is more striking because it is made to match the aesthetics of your deck and your preferences. Tell your contractor about your plan of having multi-functional furniture so he will consider the possible weight from the said feature.

Feature statement planters.

Regardless of the size of your deck, there is always a space for a statement planter. You may hang small, multi-faceted planters made of plastic or glass. A multi-tiered container garden in the middle of your main deck is another option. You may also add large pots with tall plants on the sides of your deck. Aside from improving the view of your deck, these plants add privacy to your deck as well.

Install lights on the walkways and posts.

Brighten up your deck at night with the help of contemporary lighting equipment. Don’t limit the lights on the exterior walls alone. You should also consider the walkways, especially on the stairs. For the posts, top them up with multicoloured lamps. If you’re going to dine on your deck, have some large pendant lights above the table.

Have a pergola.

Where will your deck builder attach those pendant lights? The rafters of a pergola are an ideal option. Aside from pendant lights, you may also hang planters on the pergola as well.

Instead of setting up awnings, you may ask your contractor to build a pergola. A pergola can provide ample shade when the purlins are attached close to each other. Additionally, you may plant climbers on the sides of the pergola’s posts. Some of the climbing vines you can plant are clematis, wisteria, ivy and jasmine. These plants don’t just offer shade; they also add colours to your deck.

Set up a fire pit.

In addition to outdoor lights, a fire pit can help illuminate your deck. Fire pits and wooden decks don’t seem to go together. However, plenty of decks today have fire pits surrounded by benches. Having a masonry hearth is the first step to ensuring that the wooden deck is protected from the fire. The siding of the fire pit should also be made from concrete. A fire pit is only ideal for ground and roof decks, though. It doesn’t look good and safe when built on a second story deck.

Embrace curves.

The majority of decks today are square or rectangular. Make your deck stand out by having curved edges. You may also have a small, square deck that has a spacious, circular extension. The curved outline of your deck enhances the otherwise plain outline of your home. These curves are best suited on decks leading to the back and side yards. Customised benches are ideal for these decks.

Surround a tree.

Take advantage of the free shade from that big tree in your backyard. When the tree is several yards away from your home, ask your builder to set up a freestanding deck instead. It can be circular, hexagonal or octagonal. Add some plush pillow and you now have a relaxing place to rest upon.

If the tree is within 20 feet from the side of your home, an attached deck will provide a more comfortable and more handsome walkway towards the tree. An attached deck, be it on the ground or the second floor, may be fitted to surround the tree.

Build a corner stair.

Accessibility is an important concern when building a deck. For attached decks, there should be doors leading to the interior of the house. Steps or stairs are to be considered if the deck is at least a foot above the ground. For ground decks, place the stairs on the corner instead of the usual placement on the sides.

Go for a multi-level deck.

If you have a spacious property, you may consider a multi-level deck. It costs a lot of money, but it’s a way of making the most out of your property. Parts of a multi-level deck are usually attached to your home and may extend for several yards. It also features multiple stairs and platforms. With a large, multi-level deck, you can have places for relaxation, entertainment, parties, dining and even a sauna.

Regardless of your home’s size and budget, there will always be a deck for you. Talk to your deck builder about the features you want to have and then leave the construction to them.